jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

part 2

Dear Sir or Madam

I'm writing to you to express my satisfaction about to write a article from a person very important in my life that is my mother.

My mother was born in the south of chile and she grew up with her other brothers. also she worked when she was a little child just had 8 years old. But the most incredible of this story is that my mother had saving a lot of money and they come to the city to change her life

When she was nineteen she worked in a lot of works like in a supermarket and in a restaurant, but the most important thing that she did is that she a beautiful house with the money that she save.

After twenty years she married with her boyfriend and she have wonderful family and she finally found her happiness.

she is a fantastic person and you have to know her.

yours sincerely

pier vasquez

part 1

Dear Helen Ryan

I'm writing to you to express my satisfaction to win this competition and Im very happy with this situation. I go there with my family because they need a rest.

I would like to travel on july because I have to work on june because I'm working in a office and I have a lot of work to do. Obviously july is perfect for me because are my holidays.

For the accommodation, I prefer the log cabins because I don't like the mosquitos for the reason that are too noisy and I cant sleep at night. Also the log cabins are cool and you are close to the nature.

For the activities, I would like to practice tennis because I really like it and I enjoy it. In the other hand, golf is a fantastic activity because the camp have beautiful places and you can try your best shot.

I have a lot of questions to do. I need information about other places or areas that I can visit and my other question is that the camp have animals? . That's all.

yours sincerely

pier vasquez