jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Hi Maria

I am very happy that you come to Chile. Well you have to be careful because Santiago is a very dangerous city. Anyway you'll have fun here.

Well, is very difficult to get to my house, so when you arive to the airport you have to take a bus called "j 15" which will leave you in the subway, the station called "San Pablo".Sorry, also you have to buy a card called "BIP" is a great method of transport and you have to charge money, I think with 3000 pesos is ok. When yo have to take the subway, you down to station "Estacion Central" and you walk on Matucana street and my apartment is the "075".

I be there in front of the door,so don't worry. Santiago in winter is very cold, you have to wear hat and sweater,also trousers by the cold of the city. By the way, santiago is a very cheap city and you dont have to spend much money in things.

Call me when you arrive here, because I have to work but I try to get there. Buy me gifts please!!. We'll have fun here, don't worry .

See you soon

Pier Vasquez

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

"The computer has greatly improve our lives today."

The computers are the principal tool of this century. you can watch tv, speak with people from different countries or work in the office,but also the computers have problems and disadvantages. however the computers are very important in our lives and they stay for a long time.

On the one hand they enable to use to communicate with people from different countries, you can watch videos on pages like "youtube". the people who frecuently spend more time on the computers are the teenagers beacuse they grow up in a environment of technology with cellphones, i-pod and computers. they view pages like facebook or fotolog. but they use a program called "msn" that is a program very useful to comunicate with your friends or people that you dont know. another advantage is that the new computers have devices like web cam incorporated,dvd reader and a lot of memory.

On the other hand the computers have a big problem of privacy because the programs are not perfect and people with bad intentions try to use your information to make bad things. another disadvantage is the virus on the internet, they cause damage in the system of the computer and the computer doesn't work. finally the computers have anti virus to protect your computer and they are safe.

In conclusion computers have improved many people's lives, because they change our lives and make the life more comfortable, but we need to be careful with it.