miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009


Last sunday while my friends and I were filming a shorcut
about a woman who has flashbacks in her mind, a person shouted things
againts us. Suddenly a thin and bald man with hat appeared in front of us
saying that we were doing a great job.

After that, he asked: what are you filming?. So, we answered: a
shortcut. In that moment he looks very happy and he suggested
a great idea. The idea consisted that he plays a priest and we film
that scene in a square.

We went to the square and we film the scene, was very funny because
the scene was so real that we were shocked. When the scene was finished,
I spoke with him and I asked his name. His name was jorge and he told me
a lot of things, he worked in a company of glasses and he had four children.
I didnt believe anything what he was saying. He looked me with his brown
eyes and he pick a photo of his pocket and he showed to me the photo,
in the photo were his children and he started to cry. I said to him
don't worry your children are ok. His wrinkles were marked more and more
and he said to me: thanks, you are a good man.

Finally, we had finished the shortcut, also thanks to him that helped to us with
the short.

I never saw him again. I met a person with a great talent and sense of humour
but In the bottom of his heart has a high penalty for their children.