lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

informal letter " fiestas patrias"

Dear Bryan,

Sorry its taken me so long to write, but as you know i've been decorating the apartment. In fact, I finished the thursday because I'm preparing for the fiestas patrias. Every september 18th my family commemorate the glory of the soldiers of Chile. The story is so long because Chile in 1918 signed their independence.

Also, the people of Chile built a traditional place called "fonda" that is a place that you can go with your family or friends and you can eat empanadas and drink "chicha"( a drink made of apple or grapes), but the best thing of the fonda is that you can dance "cueca" all night.

This celebration also have the parada militar, is when the soldiers march to the city and the poeple watch them. But the funniest thing of this celebration are the drunk people because they do things that you have never seen before like dance cumbia or talk about things that make no sense.

Anyway, this celebration for me is very special because I eat a lot of food but the most important thing is that I stay with my family and friends.

Well, that's all from me
All the best
Pier tikititiii!! Vasquez.

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

chain story

Was a night when my cousin was murdered, I don't know the form but he tried to escape. The situation was very particular, because he don't had any cut or bullet in his body, in their organs don't had any damages, but his face looked scared like he had seen a ghost. The detective Carter asked me if I had a relation with my cousin. I said no, because the last time when I saw him was when I was a child.

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009

Speculating pictures and Miriam's trip

1. The waiter may have get sick and he can't breathe well so it uses the capsule.
2. The girls may have been practicing are important part of the choreography.
3. I think that the boy might have wants revenge killing man.

Miriam's disastrous trip.

A) Miriam had to organize her trip, she must have been more responzable and didn't come out with her friends so late and also had to leave your luggage ready.

B) The first thing to do is miriam know how many islands there are in Indonesia and which island were the orangutans and how much they cost hotels.

C) she definitely has to fulfill Her dream by which she worked for a year, enjoy the city and know the most beautiful places in Indonesia

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

the best way to travel in santiago

the best way to travel in Santiago for me is the subway because the subway is connected with all the places, for example: I go to the university every day and I have two options the first one is using the bus and then the subway because I take the bus in "San Pablo street" then I get off in "Quinta Normal" and then I take the subway and I combine in the linea 1 in "Baquedano" after that I get off in "Pedro De Valdivia station". this voyage takes me 40 minutes. But the second one consist in take the bus in San Pablo and get off in "San Pablo station" after that I take the train and I get off in Pedro De Valdivia. However, this voyage takes me 1 hour and for me is very complicated.

Another alternative is the bicycle because the bicycle not contaminate the air and you can do exercises in your legs, also you can see all the places of santiago like cerro Santa Lucia, San Cristobal, Parque Forestal, Mim, Parque bicentenario. But the bicycle you have to use it in the winter because in summer the air is very dangerous and probably you can suffer a heart attack.

Anyway, the subway and the bicycle are the best way to travel in Santiago because is cheaper and you can save some money.

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

positive and negative effects of tourism

the positive effects of tourism are the earnings , because the tourists buy a lot of things like gadgets, clothes and food. for example in Chile there are beautiful places to visit and spend like cordillera de los andes, the city of sewell, valle de la luna and the torres del paine.

Also other effects of tourism is that you can change cultures with other people for example: a english man visit temuco and he find mapuche people who are good people and friendly.

but you have the negative side of tourism. one of the causes are the terrorism, because countries like Israel, Haiti, Colombia and Pakistan are very dangerous for you. if you are catholic in pakistan for example you will be murdered because they believe in ala and not in god.

another negative effect of tourism are that in other countries like Niger or mexico that have many diseases like malaria and swine flu.

if you have to visit a place, visit Chile because is the best place for you for the economic things and the food.


yes I agree with the writer because people make a lot of unnecessary travels like go to the mountains for climbing the top. also the air travel burns up unimaginable quantities of fuel and the people who go to countries like southafrica spend their money in stupids things like food in the mcdonalds and buy clothes in malls

Although the writer explain the situation of the best way to go to other places. he explain that the train is the civilized form to go because in the train you can enjoy the trip and meet new people.

In my opinion the writer show us a view of the long-distance travel and for me has all the right in the words that he say because the people of the world spend his money in unnecessary things.


The tourism has two aspects one bad and one good. In the positive side the tourism give a lot of money to the country for example when the tourist buy clothes and food. this help to the country in the economic and in the learning of the english.

But in the negative side the tourism produce destruction, for example the foreing tourists that destroyed the moais of isla de pascua and the trees of torres del paine because the first one destroyed a moai and the second one burn a lot of trees in Punta Arenas.

In concusion, you have to visit chile because is a beautiful country and you can learn a new language like mapudungun and you can visit the south or the north of chile that are fantastic places


When I read the two stories I saw that are very different because in the story of my pattner is about a man who has problems in the island because he needed a ferry to go to the other part and he went on a boat that was very expensive. But my story is about a woman who went to madagascar and learned a new language and explain the funny the situation that happen to her. also she explain the miserable contiton of the children of madagascar.

If I could choose a place to go definitely would choose the Caribbean. Because in the Caribbean can have bad luck like paying more money for a boat, but the place is beautiful and you have the beach, ocean views and parties at night.

In conclusion I prefer the beach for a lot of reasons but the principal reason is that you can rest with your girlfriend and you can drink a delicious caipirinha.

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

travel stories "SPEAKING MALAGASY " (questions)

1. what is the malagasy language ?

2. how many letters have the malagasy alphabeth and what words she learned ?

3. why the children skip the school ?

4. what did she discover in the ranomafana town ?

5. explain the french influence in madagascar ?