lunes, 29 de junio de 2009


1. can you fall in love with the same girl or boy ?
2. what is the best way to split up?
3. do you remenber the first kiss?
4. how long you going out with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
5. have you let down your boyfriend or girlfriend?
6. if you have an affair you should tell her or him off ?
7. what are the differences between you and your girlfriend or boyfriend?
8. why do you fall in love of him/her?
9. where you met your girlfriend or boyfriend?
10. do you remenber the first love ?

domingo, 21 de junio de 2009


Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to apply for the job of reception assistant
because I saw your advertisement and you need people
with talented and professional.

I like working with people very much and I would enjoy
the challenge of speak with people from different parts
of the world. Moreover, I finished school 3 years ago and
now I study English pedagogy in the "Ucinf university", I
need a year to complete my profession. I need to improve
my language skills because I need to learn more and more.

My interests include football, tennis and literature. For the past
two years I have worked in a school doing English classes. I'm
hardworking person also well-educated and with a great
knowledge of countries.

By the way, I need more information about the hours of work
and contract details beacuse I would like to work with you.

I am avalible for interview at any time and look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Pier Vasquez

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009


It was a cold april day. My father and I had just been to the house of my grandmother and when we came out, we saw a carnival. the sound was fantastic because the musicians played a lot of songs, like: ghostbuster, jaws, indiana jones and star wars.

After that, we went to the restaurant called "gyros pizzza". we were eating a big pizza with double cheese when my father received a call from my mother, I couldn't hear anything because my father spoke very low. I asked him what happened? but he didn't say anything and we went home.

After we had been walking for nearly an hour, we caught a taxi and we went home. We were arriving home when I saw my mother with a cake singing happy birthday. In that moment, I felt many emotions like the joy of being in family. it was amazing for me.

Definitely Has been the best day of my life and I will never forget that day.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009



this movie is absolutely funny because is a teen comedy who talks about four guys who try to go to the concert of KISS. the plot is about of four guys who escape to the school and they go to Detroit to see kiss, because they are fans of this band and they have a band called "mystery" in honor of his favorite band. well they have a lot of funny situations, like when one of this guys have to dance in a bar of ladies,he dance so stupid and he vomit in a glass. the principal problem of this guys is when they have fifteen minutes to buy a ticket and they have to do everything to buy it. At the end, they have the tickets and see "KISS" in a long night of rock & roll.

this movie a like it, because talks about the friendship between friends also the funny scenes in this movie are so amazing that I was laughing all night. the cast of this movie are not very incredible,because these actors are not very famous.but it doesn't matter because is a great film and you have to watch it.

Detroit rock city

if you need more information of this movie you can watch it here