lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Patrick Kinlin

Patrick Kinlin went to canada and started a bussiness, but he was arrested for fraud.
His company, Kinlin Financial Services was stealing money and the people didn't know.
after that, pratrick spent the money on fast cars, boats, clothes, expensive meals, houses, travelling, and women. He married at least five times. He used false financial documents to convince his clients that their money was safe.
however, Patrick was in jail. The police officer who arrested him was angry because he said that patrick even in jail he dont paid all the money that he stole.
But Patrick didn’t try to escape. He stayed in Canada. he died of heart disease in the prison hospital in Kingston, Ontario.
other prisioners were suspected of trying to defraud the Canadian government by getting false identification on the Internet and using it to apply for old-age pension cheques. The police believed the prisoners were picking up the cheques while they were out of jail on day parole and depositing them in false bank accounts.

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