lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Formal transactional letters.

Dear Kyle,

The reason for my letter is written on the report published last week on the demonstration against the proposed bypass in Oldbury town, which in my opinion is a mistake.

First was the demonstration against the construction of a new road, which will destroy trees, plants and animals from extinction.

In the second paragraph you said that the number of protesters were 200, but the truth was 2,000, I did not see anyone sitting in a road, and nobody blocked access to the site, the demonstration was quiet and peaceful, I also read in his report that the demonstrators were people found to live there, but were from other parts of country and I must say that most of the protesters live there.

Finally I would ask you to send a reporter to my home to give you all the information about how was the protest that day.

Your sincerely.

Pier Vasquez.

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